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My love affair with clothes started at a very young age…


Throughout my childhood, numerous daily outfit changes were commonplace, At any moment I might switch a swimsuit-over-winter-tights catastrophe for a ski-suit-paired-with-backwards-hat ensemble. As I always tell my clients, it’s important to experiment!


And the attraction never wavered…


During my uni days, I was keen to stand out from the more ‘traditional’ chemist look (yes, I know what you’re thinking, how does a chemist go on to become a personal stylist…read on!). Suffice to say few chemists rocked up to labs donning a pair of silver brogues!


Expressing my personal style helped me survive my biggest battle…


When I developed an eating disorder in my late teens, discovering my individual style was key to my recovery. Claiming my style helped me to rebuild my confidence, accept myself, and embrace my individuality. And yes - sometimes that meant wearing glitter boots!



"Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself."

Oscar de la Renta

Everybody faces their own challenges, and I wanted to use my passion for style to help others overcome theirs ...

This big idea crystallised into a reality when I entered the  prestigious London College of Style. There, I got experience with some of the world's top styling teams, working with the likes of Florence Welch (of The Machine fame) and Naomie Harris.


Today I'm a professional stylist running my own consultancy and specialising in body shape and colour analysis. My aim is to bring out the best in clients by creating looks that enhance their shape, colouring, and confidence. 


One of my proudest moments to date was when one of my clients (35-year-old mother-of-two) told me that I’d given her so much confidence that she could now walk down the street in a bikini – it doesn’t get much better than that!

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