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Q: Will you make me wear glitter boots like you?

A: No (you'll be relieved to hear!). Style is unique and my job is to help you develop and celebrate yours, not replicate mine.

I'll work with you, getting to know your personality, body shape and lifestyle, to help you make informed choices, use colour and cut to your advantage, and build different looks that you feel great in.

Q: How can I justify paying for styling on top of new clothes?

A: Because you’ll be saving money in no time. This is an investment in your knowledge and confidence, which will help you make smart style buys and avoid expensive mistakes.

Q: Should I wait to lose weight before booking my session with you?

A: No! My mission is to leave you dressed in confidence. I'll equip you with the knowledge of what shapes and cuts best flatter your figure, and how to draw attention to (and away from) certain areas.

Q: Will I have to get naked?

A: No! We'll be trying on lots of different outfits, but I want you to be 100% comfortable, which means giving you as much privacy as you need. (And remember, I've seen it all before!)

Q: How nervous should I be?

A: Standing at 4’11’’, I can guarantee there’s nothing intimidating about me! All my clients will tell you, my sessions are low-pressure, no-judgement and lots of fun.

Q: When and how do I pay?

A: I’ll send you an invoice after our session together.

Got more questions? 

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If there's anything else you'd like to know, you can reach me by phone, email or by filling in the form below. Whatever your conundrum, I'll be happy to help.

07759 215 759

London, UK

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